So the Fostapocolyse has begun! 

4 days post BP shutdown we are still surviving in Knoxville, TN.

BP accounted for 90 if not more of most of the business in Knoxville but since its seizure by the feds on Friday, it has proved to be just 1 of the many victims of the upcoming HR 1865 bill.

Although the seizure allegedly is about 90+ indictments against BP, it comes way to close to the passing of this law.

Trump is supposed to sign the bill into law tomorrow 4/11/2018, so we shall wait for the next major hurdle.  Will Twitter and other social media outlets start to ban SW´s?

Will US residents be blocked from accessing out of the country hobby sites, like TER?  The unknown is far worse than the known. 

Sending love, best wishes and many happy future days of SW to my comrades!

 Guest post by “CandysCurves

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