Some whores are photo thieves

I decided to write a few lines about, because I often see some escorts in Portugal using the site to go there to steal some pictures, pretending to be some ex-porn star.

It is in fact easy for any escort to post ads with fake pictures. Just visit PornPics, find any gallery that does not have watermarks, and then just right-click to save the photos to your hard drive.

Photoshop then does the rest. Filters and masks are used to cover up the faces of the photos stolen from and any fat escort girl quickly becomes a princess.

And why is a favorite site for whores who abuse fake photos? What motivated for example the article published on about Porno Pics ? The reasons are numerous, so let’s go in parts.



Very little advertising and biblical doses of porn photos

The Pornpics platform is incredibly clean and hassle-free to use and practically does not have ads. This is uncommon in this day and age when every site is drowning in an overwhelming amount of advertising, and after only a few clicks, you receive a popup, or you are unable to view something unless you keep all your windows open and refuse to watch any commercials.

This website features photos of people with no clothes on, of hundred of fetishes and niches, and I must say there are also listed in there some ex-porn stars that are listed too on It seems porn brings no more the cash they used to and they have turned to prostitution. I have no problem with that 🙂

They have an impressive number of photographs, making their photos database incredibly valuable. Accordingly to, there are around 50 million visits to PornPics every month, which is very impressive, considering that we live in an age where the video is king – look at for example – and PornPics only shows pictures.

Regardless of whether you enjoy photos or not, I think that after checking this site, you will certainly start to re-enjoy the old-fashioned photos like we were used in the 1995 Internet era. They have literally billions of photos spread over more than 150 niches. Now think about how large their database of the greatest erotic images must be.  And it is all just a click away, with no subscriptions or monthly fees, and very little advertising. No wonder all the bad-apple whores go there to steal some pictures and then manipulate them, pretending to be some Russian girl.


Escorts with fake photos



Bitches love the easy navigation and sessions with 15 to 25 pictures of the same girl

Back again to the Pornpics project….The dark mode on it is a pretty nice and comfy way to navigate between the different galleries. The most interesting aspect of a random gallery is that it enables a bright and dark button to be switched. Once you click on it, you will get a random set of images of hot girls and you will never know in advance which ones you will get. This is a really interesting concept, and you may easily become hooked on this feature and just keep pressing this button. Porn pictures never have an end. It works the same as Instagram or Facebook, and you may scroll for hours and you’ll never know where you will end.

At last but not least, from my perspective, the most notable characteristic of Pornpics gigantic photo portfolio is that, when you click on the featured image, you get more content from the same shooting session. In this case, when you click on the image, you will see more photos in the same location and with the same girl, starting with the girl removing her swimsuit, and ending with her getting fucked up in the ass. You’ll never know how many photographs you’re getting, but this is wonderful since you’ll get to select from 10-15 photos from the same shoot.

All the strengths of Pornpics that I have just mentioned above, are what make it the favorite photo collection site for many escorts who use and abuse fake photos in their ads.


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 Guest post by “CornudoLisboa”
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Published Date: 25/08/2021