The difficulty of organizing a lot of information about Escorts ….

It is with optimism and pride that we announce that the project will begin. If you are a pervert like many in our team are, then you will almost guess what the principle and objectives underlie the creation of this project.

For a long time we surfed the Internet looking for escort ads and often had difficulty keeping track of our browsing and save the links of our favorite escorts’ ads.

To make matters worse, there are many different ad sites around the world and they exist in an order of magnitude of tens of thousands, in many different languages and also appealing to many different niches.

When we sometimes found a central point of condensed information, such as normal forums or discussion groups about escorts or prostitution, it was rare that the information about each companion was shown in an interesting, appealing and intuitive graphic format.

It was in order to solve this problem that we decided to launch this small space of discussion and promotion of companions, where all the lovers of escorts, masseurs and sex workers can share, comment and organize the ads that are found around the world.

Having told you about this little introduction, we leave you some basic principles on the way works, wishing you already the best knowledge shares about this delightful world of luxury escorts.

What is

It is a central hub for sharing ads and reviews about luxury escorts and sex workers from around the world.
We call it the social sharing for escorts ads.

How do you share an ad?

After registering for free, you can start to enter your favorite ads. You have 3 ways:

You can use our ad URL importer for the ad url you want to share and fill in the fields that appear to you. The photo and some fields from the source ad will be automatically imported and posted to the site.

You can also use our “bookmarklet” plugin and whenever you find an ad you like to share to, please click on this “bookmarklet”.

Finally, and as a last resource, you can always upload a new original ad, by filling in the normal fields of any escort ad. A photo, ad title and description. Do not forget to add the escort phone number for the folks to be able to contact the escort and you’re done!

Can you organize the ads that are shared in Escortspins into groups?

Yes. We call that a Repin. You can repin ads that have already been shared by other members into your account. This will make it easy to build your favorite lists.

Can you freely comment on each ad?

Yes, as long as the comments are polite and constructive, you can comment on the comments and discussions box below each ad share.

Not only will you be able to comment, but we also recommend and we strongly urge you to do so. If you have experienced being with one of the escorts, then please share your experience with everyone. The community will appreciate that.

For more info regarding the Q&A and Terms of Use of EscortsPins, please check our “About” section.

We wish you a great time with us. Please share all the escorts knowledge you got with the rest of the world!