Option 1: Install the “Escorts Pins” button

Escorts Pins ←  Drag this to your Bookmarks Bar

To install the “Escorts Pins” Button in Chrome or Firefox:

1) Drag the button above to your Browser Bookmarks Bar (the top bar). Only Chrome or Firefox!
2) Wait until you see a (+) and drop it there.
3) While you browse the web, push the “Escorts Pins” button to pin an Ad (image + text) from any website

Once installed in your Chrome/Firefox browser, the “Escorts Pins” button lets you grab an image + Title from an Ad from any  website and include that Ad into your pinboards. When you pin from a website, we automatically grab the source link and display it so we can credit the original site and allow visitors to get more info about that ad.

Option 2: Use our URL grabber