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  • Only the end users are responsible for the opinions, experiences and storytelling stated about the prostitution and massage service providers, just like in a normal social network, Aka Facebook or Twitter.


  • is only a communication platform that allows its users to express themselves and communicate without constraints with other users, in order to promote, disseminate, alert and raise awareness of the positive and negative points of the various providers of sexual services.


  • reserves the right to remove Pins and posts from users whose sole purpose is to defame or offend sexual providers (aka Escorts), without there being well-founded facts or descriptions.


  • Excluded from the last point are all constructive and justified criticism about any poor performance or professional conduct developed by the service provider in the context of their professional activities, as with any other review site, aka Google Reviews or Facebook Reviews.


  • does not generally store any Logs of Login activity or Records that could lead to an identification of its users/publishers. It can, and only in circumstances of computer attack /DOS, make a correlation of data from IPs and others, to be able to nullify or resolve these attacks.




DMCA claims & PINS Removal


  • To exercise the right of PIN removal and compliance with the DMCA, contact should be made exclusively through the email “escortspins[“AT”]”. Remember to attach evidence of the facts, as explained in the paragraphs below. Please read carefully as no other forms or means will be admitted.


  • In cases of complaints or conflicts related to the publication of personal data, EscortsPins will only accept and act in cases where PINS contain images with uncovered faces and that can lead to the identification of the complaining proponent.


  • EscortsPins will act in the same way as above, also in cases where there is the disclosure of the combination Real Name+Phone Contact and that may lead to the Real personal identity of the complainant, but not the Business identity.


  • The complainant must provide real proof that he/she is the one targeted by the PIN, either by sending a screenshot of an identification document, passport, driver’s license, or any other identification document with a face photo. When sending the print screen, the complainant can and should hide all other personal data contained in the proof document.


  • In cases of Real Name + Phone, the complainant must prove that he/she is the real owner of the phone number disclosed on EscortsPins, through automated confirmation call or SMS/PIN sending by our services.


  • In cases where intervention occurs in favor of the complainant, the identifying Photo will be immediately “deleted” (aka Photoshop manipulated) so that the complainant is no longer identifiable in it. The contact number in the PIN will be manipulated/changed so that the complainant’s full Phone number can no longer be related to that PIN.


  • The complainant’s original PIN URL, any outbound hyperlinks, and the users opinions written and expressed in the PIN and comment boxes, whether positive, negative, or simple remarks, WILL NEVER BE DELETED from EscortsPins.


  • EscortsPins is a fierce, voracious, and violent defender of the free speech and opinionated freedom of its users and will litigate to the last consequences against the removal of such opinions from its platform.


  • EscortsPins will pursue the court orders, but only of the litigation considered to be res judicata. EscortsPins ignores Cease and Desist Letters or any other dissuasive maneuvers or mechanisms employed by any attorneys, whatever they may be or in whatever jurisdiction they may be located.